“Im just a big goof in front of the camera and I will just end up laughing the whole time!”- Zoe “Perfect!”- Me I met these two incredible humans through a good friend and fellow amazing small business owner Jen. You should check out her awesome hair and make up skills! We froze. […]

  Ever since we made the announcement that we were expecting our 4th (and FINAL) child- our world has been a whirlwind. Emotional, excitement, fear, and anticipation. As we enter into my final month and are down to less than a handful of weeks left before our little one is here. Looking back over the […]

These two ladies are the bomb.com.. Not even kidding. Their chemistry. Their laughter. The love they have for one another is out of this world! And of course, the love they share for little Alphie!!! He kind of stole the show. Whether it was in photos or us taking turns carrying him like an infant! […]

  Some of you may know this or some of you may not…. But Chicago is quickly becoming my second city (no pun intended lol) for weddings!! I could not be happier since its one of my favorite places to visit. This last weekend, during that HUGE snow storm, I white knuckled it over to […]