-Amanda and Christina- |Plymouth, MI Engagement Photographer|

These two ladies are the bomb.com..

Not even kidding. Their chemistry. Their laughter. The love they have for one another is out of this world!

And of course, the love they share for little Alphie!!! He kind of stole the show. Whether it was in photos or us taking turns carrying him like an infant! hahaha!

We all have been looking forward to this engagement session for months… I am not even kidding!

They fell in love in the snow and wanted snow… well, if you’ve been in MI this last winter… there hasn’t been any snow until about 2 weeks ago…. and then the Polar Vortex hit and we have all literally been frozen in our houses…

Thankfully, today the weather cooperated and we were able to get out and have some fun in the much anticipated snow!! (at a whopping 42*, which is like a heat wave considering it was just -42* less than 24 hours ago!!!!!)

Their wedding is going to be spectacular and I am counting down for it in October. I also may or may not be a little excited to play with Alphie again, but that’s another story!! hahaha!



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