-Heyyyy, it’s me!- |Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|



Its been a minute.

Buttttt, I’ve been a little busy with just having my 4th baby and it being wedding season and all.

However, I wanted to take a second and say “HI”. That way you or anyone at your wedding will know who I am and who they are working with!! Plus, how awesome would it be to have things in common?!

Little random facts:

I can sign the ASL alphabet with both hands at the same time… I also used to be fluent in ASL, but as they say, if you don’t use it you lose it.

I will ALWAYS prefer bud light to a fancy IPA. No regrets (not even one letter!)

Last year on my birthday, I met the remaining 4 Jackson 5 brothers in an elevator downtown Detroit. Tito looked me in the eye and said “come on in!” and I almost passed out. I didn’t breathe the whole ride….

If you play old school Nelly or No Doubt at your wedding? I will rock out with you like an 8th grade girl hosting a hairbrush concert in the bathroom mirror!!

Growing up with the last name of Bacon, I used to tell people that Kevin Bacon was my cousin. Just so they would stop asking me.

My hair has been every color under the sun.. but for now I am rocking the natural thing.

The labyrinth is hands-down one of my favorite movies. After Hocus-Pocus, of course!!

Chinese food and strawberry margaritas are one of my favorite combinations… hahaha!

 Food trucks are my jam.

If we are driving somewhere and you have to follow me? I will just apologize in advance now… I may or may not have been a stunt driver in a previous life.


If I sounds like your type of person, and you like to get down and have a good time- lets food truck hop or grab a cheap beer and hang. I LOVE meeting new people.

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