Rocky Mountain National Park Adventure, CO Couples Photographer

Let me start this out with a disclaimer

these are not engagement or elopement photos!!

ok, Now that that is out of the way….

my best friend and her boyfriend decided to go on vacation this last week…. We jokingly were like “I should come along and take pictures!!’

Wellllllll……. that joke turned into a plane ticket and trip to Denver for a few days!!

I have a history of being her 3rd wheel on vacation, so it only seemed fitting!!! (or was it Jared who was the 3rd wheel this time around? lol)

We had a blast venturing through the amazing breweries (thanks to Jared helping me find things I liked….. Ms Budlight over here hahaha!)

Then our trip into the Rockies was more than we could have ever imagined… even if Magan and I are not nature people… or cardio people for that matter… it was still something that every one needs to experience once in their lives… Standing on what feels like the top of the world and looking as far as the eye can see…..

I am SO beyond happy you two found each other and that I was able to crash a few days of your vacation…

See you soon!!

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