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The wedding industry is something very unique….

I’d be lying if I claimed it was all rainbows and butterflies that sprinkle cotton candy everywhere their wings flutter.

In all reality it’s pretty cut throat.

So when you get the chance to meet a sweet soul that you click with it’s something special.

I met Ann last fall when we were working a wedding together.

Ann is SO sweet! I have really enjoyed getting to know her over these last few months.

She has such a sweet bubbly personality. Down to earth and keeps it real.

*my kind of people*

This last weekend I got to go hang out with her in Detroit and take some sweet new headshots for her and her new website.

So, with great pride I introduce you to my sweet friend and colleague Ann 🙂

Here are some pretty badass facts about her and why she is a total boss babe!

1. Truthfully I am a super closeted introvert. I love hanging at home in the biggest pair of pants I can find with my dog Coconut binge watching The Crown on Netflix (total history nerd). Other than that, I love to cook. I am obsessed with anything that contains pasta. Spaghetti, shrimp scampi, mac and cheese – you name it, I’ve cooked it and ate it. I once sat on a plane next to David Hasselhoff, he drank vodka from start to finish and that’s when he easily became one of my favorite celebrities. I used to bong wine in college – that’s right BONGED WINE. How I didn’t die we will never know, but needless to say, I love to have a good time on my days off. 😉 

2. At Starbucks I am a total basic B*tch and always order a skinny cinnamon dolce latte with soy milk. 

3. I got into wedding planning when I was a little kid, I know weird. BUT my mom is a florist so I always tagged along for wedding deliveries and became OBSESSED with love and all things bridal. I remember barely being able to lift a centerpiece on the table, because I was so small. After college I started working at U of M and was a corporate event planner for the highest university donors, during that time I would planning weddings on the side and that quickly became the center of my attention.

4. Craziest and funniest wedding story I have is one of the first weddings I ever produced, the aisle way was ribboned off so guests didn’t step on the aisle runner. I totally forgot to cut it and the groom and officiant had to “hop” over it. At the time I was SOOOO DEVASTATED now I look back and chuckle about it all the time. Hilarious mistake.

5. My fashion icon is Olivia Palermo (think the major b.i.t.c.h. from the Hill’s) Her style is AMAZING I don’t mind the haters.

6. My go to jam is Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. I love what the song represents and I totally like to pump myself up before a big wedding day

with a high energy girl power song. 

7. I would LOVE to plan a wedding in Italy but HEY who doesn’t??? It’s gorgeous, and like I said I AM A BIG FAN OF CARBS.

And last but not least some wedding advice from the badass boss babe herself:

8. The best advice is to WAIT, don’t rush the planning process. Take your time, do your research. The biggest mistake I am constantly trying to work with is when a couple picks a venue for location or because a friend or family recommended it and then want to change everything about it. Instead WAIT and find a venue that suits your vision, or else you end up spending a million dollars transforming the space. Also, without making this sound like a sales pitch, a wedding planner SAVES you money. Biggest miss conception is we are only for fancy weddings and you can’t afford us, but most of the time we make up for our costs in the discounts we provide you through our vendor connections. I promise. 

You can totally find and follow this awesome wedding planner here:

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