-Cameron and Danielle- |The Joinery Speakeasy Chicago, IL Wedding Photographer|

Its not every day that I get to go to one of my favorite cities and shoot a wedding.

But when I do, its nothing short of amazing!!!
PLUS- its even better when its for a friend of mine! 🙂

As I said in their engagement session post, I met Danielle years ago when she was modeling. She was one of my first ever photoshoots!

So, she was a natural on her wedding day.

Their day, though full of challenges, was incredible!

The rain couldn’t stop us from having fun around the city (with a bus driver that barely spoke english and played some weird russian house music too loud, lol).

Sure, it was a bit windy… but they dont call it The Windy City for nothing!!

After being rained out of almost every location, fighting downtown Chicago traffic on a Friday, we finally found a place to take pictures….

30 minutes before they closed….

It happened to be the place Cam proposed to Danielle!

Well, upon walking in we were met with a “you need a permit and it takes 3-4 days to process”…

(everyones reaction)

Cam wasn’t having it and saved the day. I have NEVER seen fingers fly faster than I did in that moment trying to get ahold of someone in an office.

In the mean time, the wedding party and I were trying to come up with a divide and conquer plan!! hahahaha.

If we all took off in opposite directions, they wouldn’t be able to catch us all.

It wasn’t the best plan, but it made Danielle laugh.

Finally with 15 minutes to spare we were granted the permit and took off!!!!

15mins to do what normally takes hours.


(So when I say “dont worry- I got you” I mean it…. I got you.)

The ceremony was moved indoors due to the weather, which was totally fine because it was BEAUTIFUL in there!

Danielle and Cam’s puppy Woody met us back at the venue just in time for the ceremony.

He’s the sweetest EVER and took his role very seriously!

Everything else went so smoothly. The speeches were so heartfelt and emotional.

Then Cam got up and gave a speech to his new wife that left everyone in tears.

(grooms take note… you should REALLY do this!!)

The night ended with a room full of laughter and dancing.

Just like a dream.

You both are the best.


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