I cannot say anything about these ladies that the pictures below wont show you…. The love, the spark, the romance and the BEAUTY between them is astounding <3 Despite the rain storm that we had all day previous to this shoot- the sun decided to show up and show off for us. Love you […]

Having friends in your life still, that have been there since your really (and I mean REALLY) awkward childhood days, is something rare and wonderful. And there’s nothing more special than when they trust you with one of their most important days of their lives. I’ve known Mike since…… Geez…. since before MMMBop was popular…. […]

Would you believe me if I told you it rained for days leading up to this wedding? the morning of?  on my ferry ride to the island? it even rained once I arrived….. but, I guess if you’ve been in MI the last 2 months it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise… since we […]

This has to be one of my favorite weddings and venues to date!! Anything about Detroit- I LOVE and ADORE…. Especially when it’s something as unique as The Whiskey Factory. (Can I have a do-over wedding?! Is that a thing?) Chelsea and Dave’s wedding was simply stunning. Nothing over the top and more than beautiful […]