-Mike and Allison- |Mt. Pleasant Wedding Photographer|

Having friends in your life still, that have been there since your really (and I mean REALLY) awkward childhood days, is something rare and wonderful.

And there’s nothing more special than when they trust you with one of their most important days of their lives.

I’ve known Mike since…… Geez…. since before MMMBop was popular…. (and no, I refuse to go Tulsa just because they are there!!! sorry, really old inside joke)

Being able to watch him marry the love of his life surrounded by family and friends had me smiling from ear to ear all day.

Since I did their engagement pictures last year I have been waiting for this wedding, so we could all hang out again and jam out to some old school hip hop.

I know it was everything they had hoped and dreamed of… especially when Mike spotted an open comic book store…. much to Allison’s demise we went in to “take pictures” and he some how managed to leave with a comic book! hahaha… just one though.

Congrats you guys!!!!


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