Mackinac Island Grand Hotel Wedding Photographer

Would you believe me if I told you it rained for days leading up to this wedding? the morning of?  on my ferry ride to the island? it even rained once I arrived….. but, I guess if you’ve been in MI the last 2 months it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise… since we are basically the midwest Seattle….

Thankfully, the skies cleared up and the sun started shining just as I arrived to The Grand Hotel. Which, as you will see was incredible and the views are simply breath taking.

Colin and Kaylee had a small intimate wedding out on the porch of The Grand Hotel over looking lake Michigan. It was officiated by Colins mother with pieces of both their families within it, making an already special day even more meaningful.

After the ceremony we walked about The Grand taking pictures among the incredible landscaping there, finding a secret garden with a “river” of flowers….. literally every photographers dream. We then got in a carriage to take us around the island…. well, I should say  they got into the carriage and I very embarrassingly attempted to keep on a bike (since there are no vehicles allowed on the island)…. after about 5 mins of attempting to ride a bike up hill to catch them, I decided to abandon ship and walk! In my defense though, I did just have a baby 11 weeks ago and my body is still not is shape! hahahaha. The poor carriage driver saw my struggle and offered for me to ride up front with her (thank the gods!!!). Not only were we able to take the scenic route but our driver was an island native, born and raised there, so we got quite the informational tour.

Walking through downtown Main Street was a blast. We even stopped traffic for pictures in the middle of the street, which is harder than you would think it is with just bikes and horses, lol!

In true Mackinac Island form, instead of cutting a cake, we got fudge! Ryba’s is one of mine, Colin and Kaylee’s favorite fudge shops up there. So it was a no brainer as to where to go.

Take a look at this jaw dropping sweet intimate wedding and see for yourself how awesome Mackinac Island truly is!



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