The Whiskey Factory Wedding | Dave and Chelsea | Michigan

This has to be one of my favorite weddings and venues to date!!

Anything about Detroit- I LOVE and ADORE…. Especially when it’s something as unique as The Whiskey Factory.

(Can I have a do-over wedding?! Is that a thing?)

Chelsea and Dave’s wedding was simply stunning. Nothing over the top and more than beautiful all the way around.

Surrounded by their family and friends they exchanged heart-felt, handwritten vows. They shared their story of finding one another and falling in love.

I know they wish as much as I do that their puppy could have joined in the party. But, being a puppy I totally get that they didn’t want to get upstaged by their fur-baby. (though when you see chelsea and dave you will see that it would have been impossible to upstage them at all!)

We got to run around Downtown Detroit and have fun with pictures.. getting lost and turned around in all of the construction. We made the best of it and thanked all that is holy when the rain held off for us!

Also, having past wedding clients both in the wedding and attending the wedding was a huge surprise and so much fun catching up!!!

Check out these two and their awesome wedding!!!!



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