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Real talk, planning a wedding is stressful AF.

Everyone has their own ideas and opinions as to what you should do and how you should do it… doesnt matter who they are. They will make sure you hear what they think and have to say…

And lets not even talk about the pressure of “traditions”….. those are enough to drive someone up a wall!

But, to plan a wedding you will need vendors… good ones…. trusted one… professional ones…

So let’s talk about the one that is a pretty big deal around here- the photographer and how the hell you go about finding the right one for you.

  1. Start out with a budget in mind…. a realistic one. And be ready to be flexible. There is a wide range of price points for photographers and there is also a wide range of quality too. Just keep in mind that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is. (Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good).
  2. Look around and see what kind of editing style you like. There are so many out there! Like a really light, bright and airy look. More dark, moody and shadowy. There’s a really vibrant style out there, too. Just to name a few.
  3. Also, know if you like a more “traditional” photographer. Meaning more portrait type posing. Or if you like a more candid and documentary style. More focus on moments and emotions rather than making sure every little detail is perfect and you are standing there smiling at the camera in every picture.
  4. How many hours of coverage are you wanting? You may THINK you need 12+ hours…. but in all reality you find out you really only need 8… talking with a professional will help you narrow this down.
  5. Keep in mind, just because someone you know has a “really nice camera” and takes “good pictures” doesnt make them a wedding photographer….. I’ll say it again, just because someone you know has a “really nice camera” and takes “good pictures” doesnt make them a wedding photographer. Do yourself a favor and dont risk it. Hire a seasoned professional. You will thank me later.
  6. Just because your friend, sister, cousin, neighbor, etc used a photographer doesnt mean that they are right for you. It’s wonderful to have referrals!! and word of mouth is incredible! but make sure their style is in line with what you are looking for. I have been sent MANY referrals from past brides- but it turned out my style and what they were looking for weren’t a good match. And that is ok!
  7. Ask to see full galleries. From different seasons. Its easy to just show a highlight reel on our websites and social media.. Its easy to steal pictures to advertise with (yes, sadly this happens a LOT). Seeing full galleries from wedding days will ensure you that the photographer is competent and knows what they are doing all day long. Also, different seasons show that they can handle different lighting situations and weather conditions. 
  8. Make sure your personalities work well together, for you AND your future spouse. This is a big one! If you dont get along with the personality of your photographer- it will show! Trust me. You’re going to be spending a LOT of time with your photographer.. not just on your wedding day but over the whole planning process. So you want to be sure you guys all get along.


I know this isn’t everything and after I post this, I will more than likely think of at least a dozen more points.. but at least it gives you an idea as to where to start. And hopefully helps you with this exciting journey….

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