-Chris and Ally- | Mt. Clemons, MI Wedding Photographer|


This day was SO.MUCH.FUN.

I dont even know where to start.

I LOVE fun people. Fun couples and fun parties!

It started with the bride telling me that her groom had been a “groomzilla” during the planning process and got pretty much everything he wanted. So, she asked for ONE THING

a first look. He unwillingly agreed.

Little did he know- she had a nice prank up her sleeve.

The best man and the groom have a bit of a bro-mance if you will. A whole relationship to themselves! hahaha

So… we planned and completely executed a bait and switch first look without a hitch!!!

While Chris stood there with his back turned, nervously waiting to see what he thought was his beautiful wife-to-be, his best man walked up and tapped him on the shoulder.

I even gave a little “bridal pep to her the bride” within ear shot of the groom so he was COMPLETELY clueless!!!! hahaha!

As you will see the look of pure joy and laughter when he turned around and saw his best man standing there.

Then there were the shoes. Another prank on the groom.

The bride arranged to have his shoes taken that morning and little message was written on them.

So when he knelt down during their mass everyone could read “Yes Dear” on the bottoms of his shoes!!

We even go to make a stop and see Chris’s grandma in the nursing home and spend some time with her.

Where she gave the best marriage advice I have ever heard:

“dont be a crabapple and learn when to shut your mouth”.

Solid advice grandma!!

She was so happy for her “favorite grandchild” on his wedding day and even told him (quite loudly)

“Im so happy you married this one. You brought home some real lemons in your day!”

I am sure Ally would agree! hahahaha.

Even though it rained that day, we still made the best of it!

There were lots of shots.

Lots of hugs.

Lots of threats.

(Dont touch the bride’s dress or pull on her veil!!!)

There was a LOT of dancing.

Family and Fun.

Congrats Chris and Ally!!!
You both are the best!!


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