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Its not every day (thankfully) when I get a call from a panicked photographer on the other side of the country asking if I am available to take over a wedding in less than 12 hours.

I guess there were a LOT of flights canceled in and out of the east coast this weekend. I cannot even imagine.

Thankfully, I was “off” and was able to help out in a moments notice.

Meeting Dan and Jeanne was wonderful. They were so kind and easy going. Not stressed about the situation at all!

We had a blast walking and sweating around Jeanne’s hometown of Ann Arbor and taking pictures around the U of M campus as they are both alumni of the med school there.

Seeing a Korean/American fusion wedding was fun!

There wasn’t many Korean traditions- but the ones they did celebrate were unique and awesome to witness.

Congrats you two!!

How They Met

9. 4. 2016

On one ordinary day, Dan was working out at his gym. Like usual, he was scrolling through Facebook between sets, and saw Jeanne for the first time… under the “People You May Know” section. After seeing her, Dan knew he had to meet her, so he asked a mutual friend, Grace, to introduce her. Although he was INCREDIBLY awkward during the first few dates, Jeanne was kind enough to give him a couple more chances to show off his charm. It’s a good thing she did because before long, they were inseparable.

The Proposal

9. 2. 2017

On a beautiful Saturday, Jeanne asked Dan to take a trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens a few hours from Ann Arbor. Little did she know that Dan had bought the engagement ring a few weeks prior. Despite the warm weather, he carried the box the entire day in his jacket, but she had no idea. At the perfect spot, he asked two trustworthy-looking strangers to take a picture of them. Dan secretly told them he was going to propose and made his way over to Jeanne. Then, surprise! He got down on one knee and nervously asked her. Luckily, she said yes. 🙂

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