-David and Kate- |The Palmer House Chicago, Il Elopement Photographer|


I cannot being to express how happy I am that Kate found in a bridal facebook group to shoot her elopement!

These two are the absolute sweetest.

Driving through the snow storm to get there in time for the magic to happen was totally worth it. Even though, I’m not going to lie, there were a few moments I was afraid I want going to make it in time. It was terrible weather getting there. But, I am beyond grateful I got there with time to spare!!!!

We had fun running around the city and freezing in subzero weather! They even made the news!! hahaha!

I asked Kate to share some of their story with me, because its like one from the movies. Her words about the two of them:

“David and I met on September 19, 2014 at an event the university we both attended put on. Looking back on that moment that I met him I can vividly remember, and that it was meant be for us to meet that day. I didn’t know who was when we met, but I texted one of our mutual friends and them that I thought David was cute! A few days go by and I get this text that says, “hey this is David”, and I’m like “I don’t know anyone named David, lol, who is this?”.

He responded “I’m the one you think is cute”. I couldn’t stop smiling!

The night David proposed to me will forever be one of my favorite moments. He suggested us grabbing dinner prior to meeting his family nearby to go look at Christmas lights. We went to dinner at this cute little restaurant in Georgia, on the Marietta Square, and then after dinner went to take a few pictures in the square. There is a really pretty gazebo with lights on it, so we decided to take a few selfies there and then mid picture, in the camera, I see him get down on one knee. I was so excited. Soon I realized his family was there and they were able to see the whole thing and he even surprised me with having my mom there!!!

I am so in love with David and so excited for all the memories to come. We are both so blessed!!! “


You guys are the sweetest and I cannot wait to watch your adventures in the Navy and follow your move to Japan this summer.



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