-Day 3 Indian Wedding- |Ann Arbor, MI Indian Wedding Photographer|

So yesterday, I posted days one and two of this incredible wedding!!

(Incase you missed it you can see it here!)

Today, here is day 3.

Since I was the assistant on day 3, I didn’t have so much to cover as I did from days one and two.

However, it was still so much fun to watch and help and just observe.

The day started at 430AM…

¬†Yes, you read that correctly…. 430 in the morning…

Everyone laughed at me when I showed up with a literal half gallon of starbucks coffee and just drank it right out of the jug.

(I dont play when it comes to coffee!!!)

We had a beautiful sunrise first look.

And the rest of the day flew by on colorful and musical blur!

Seriously, I want to take on more of these incredible celebrations!!!

(So, spread the word!)

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