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When Larry and Stephanie contacted me for their wedding, I could tell immediately we were going to hit it off wonderfully!

The way they lit up talking about one another, the way they described their day… was perfect!

Their wedding day called for thunderstorms- yet they seemed to avoid us and we only saw just enough sprinkles of rain for good luck.

Larry and Stephanie arrived together and wanted to do a first look, so they could walk each other down the aisle.

*que tears*

As you are about to see the way Larry looks at Stephanie…. its like she is magic.

They wrote their own vows and recited them to one another through tears of joy.

Love and laughter surrounded them all day and as they danced the night away.

Their first dance was a sweetly choreographed ballroom dance that they had worked so hard on to surprise their guests.

These two are so romantically sweet- a movie should be scripted out of what they said to each other!

I asked Larry and Stephanie what their most favorite thing about their new spouse was:

Larry: When she touches me. I feel home. I never knew it could be a person, until I met her.

Stephanie: His smile, because it shows exactly what is inside. Love and happiness.

See?! This is the stuff movies are made of.

You can check out their engagement session here!

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