-Mrs and Mrs Lindsey and Bella- | Planterra Conservatory West Bloomfield, MI Wedding Photographer|

This wedding…

Is one for the books.

Not only because I got to document one of my childhood friends marrying the love of her life.

But I got to be there for these two ladies super special day.

One from Flint, MI the other from Puerto Rico.

Both fighting a war over seas in Afghanistan.

Meet and fall in love.

Over come crazy obstacles, move across the country to be with one another.

Never took ‘no’ for an answer.

We’re talking the kind of stuff you only find in movies, folks.

These two were simply made for one another.

There is NO denying that.

I don’t think my face has hurt this much from smiling after  a wedding- ever!

Ladies and gentlemen- LOVE WINS. ALWAYS.

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