-Jeff & Amy- |Halloween Wedding Lazy J Ranch Milford, MI|

It goes without saying just how much of a Halloween freak I am.

I mean, I got married on Devils night in a black dress. For the sake of Halloween.

So, when Any reached out to me about shooting her wedding I literally yelled out of joy when I heard the details!

A Halloween wedding?!

AND a fellow black dress bride?!


Amy and I have become friends through the wedding planning process and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have a job where I can do that!

When their wedding day arrived it was, in true Michigan form, cold, rainy and dreary.

Which is cool for a Halloween wedding. But we are talking down pour rain.

So, we worked with what we could.

Amy and Jeff didn’t let it phase them and just rolled with it.

So, in a beautiful old barn, surrounded by their closest family and friends (in costumes), with the wind and rain blowing behind them

they were wed.

With vows they had written themselves and their son cheering them on with “Good job mama!” & “Good job daddy!”

It was the sweetest wedding ever!

Costume weddings are where its at!

(and yes, I even dressed up. hahaha!)

When you’re metal AF and your family just doesn’t quite get it!!! hahaha!!

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