-Erin and Liz- |Weber’s Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer|

These two ladies are what true love fairytales are made of.

They make an epically iconic team. Full of nothing but love and support for one another.

Their wedding day embodied just that. One always asking how the other was doing before they saw each other. Counting down until the big moment.

It made me so overly happy to see BOTH sides of the families were there and how involved their parents and siblings were with the whole day. I may or may not have teared up a bit.

Listening to the speeches was hilarious finding out how Liz had Erin (the workaholic) missing work just days after meeting each other! And how they have been inseparable since. Also, fun fact, they both planned on proposing to the other on the same day (totally unplanned!!).

They even had a cheese cake… literally made of cheese!!! That they cut instead of a traditional cake.

Oh, and can talk about the biggest surprise for their guests they had planned?! These ladies did the.whole.dirty.dancing.number.including the lift!!! Never missing a beat. It was incredible!

I will be smiling for quite some time over this wedding day!! and I could not think of a better way to start off the 2019 season!!!!




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