-Why is everyone always laughing?- |Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|

If you spend more than 30 seconds on my website, instagram or twitter, you will see that almost everyone is always laughing or smiling in the pictures you see.

Why? Because I am hilarious…. DUH!

Just kidding… kind of.

In all reality, I know having your pictures taken is stressful. I know that most people would rather have a root canal without anesthesia before getting in front of a camera. So, I like to go out of my way to make it fun and as easy as possible.

I want to show you how these moments FELT when you look back on the photos years from now. I don’t want to just show you what things LOOKED like.

When times get tough and life stresses start weighing in- I want you to look at your walls, albums, fridge, phones and see these photos of you all laughing, being happy and having the time of your lives. I want these photos to take you back to a time when things may have been easier and it makes you smile all over again.

Sure, while the traditional photos of everyone sitting there staring and smiling blankly at the camera are nice to have.

(And I make sure to get those as well. Because, well, that’s tradition and expected.)

What memories do they bring back? What emotions does it make you feel?

When you look at pictures of everyone laughing and having fun what does that do?

For me? I remember the sounds of their laughs, their voices, their touch. I remember what was said that was so funny. I remember the butterflies that were in my stomach at that time. I remember the fun. I remember the good times.

I remember.

Better yet-


That is what I want for you all when your are in front of my camera.

I don’t want to just create beautiful images. I want to create memories.

Fun ones.

Great ones.


Ones that bring you rushing back to those moments every time you look at them.

So as I always say, I have just enough tradition to keep everyone happy.

But your memories of the feelings in the moments I capture is where my heart and focus is.

Because, traditional? Sure, they are nice to have. But where’s the fun in that?!

Let me show you what it FELT like and not just what it LOOKED like.



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