-For those of you who don’t know me- |Metro-Detroit Wedding Photographer|

For those of you who don’t know me,

(hahahahaha if you don’t catch the joke you haven’t been  to enough weddings!)

My name is Jessica.

Though, when I got older I rebelled against my parents (yeah it was THAT big of a deal) and dropped the -ica and just stuck with Jess.

I will tell you right now, I am WAY cooler on the internet. Because I am pretty awkward in public.

I totally have to eat something as soon as my feet hit the floor, quickly followed by a nice big cup of Starbucks premade iced coffee. Or I will get sick.

I can write with both of my hands. At the same time.

I am absolutely terrified of car washes. Legit have a panic attack when we go through them.

I count down the days until Halloween like most do for Christmas.

If I could have any super power it would be a close tie between being able to breath under water and being able to fly/teleport.

I actually have blonde hair naturally. Just haven’t seen it in about 8 years.

I was homeschooled growing up.

I am a total sucker for dark chocolate pretzels.

With that being said, I always try to diet but it lasts like a few days and then I give up. I love pizza wayyy too much.

I spend most of my days singing “let it go-let it go” at the top of my lungs.. only those 3 words… But by no choice of my own… The tiny 2 year old dictator I live with forces me to.

I hate the way my face and nose scrunch up when I smile and laugh… but, its who I am and I’ve spent years trying to “fix” it.. only to realize its not going to change.

If you’re new around here, I know these pictures done really show any of my tattoos… but, trust me they are there. It was just really cold yesterday.

In all reality though, I am really chill and cool to hang out with. At least thats what my husband tells me.

Thanks to my friend Bailey for snapping a few pictures of me this weekend!!

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