-Jen and Dillon- |Downtown Detroit,MI Couples Photographer|

I’ve said it so many times,

when my friends are in love its the BEST!!

Jen and Dillon have quite the funny story of meeting….

Something about someone lying about their age and then getting busted on the first date when asked for their id.

But, thats another story for another time.

Jen happens to one of the BEST hair stylist/make up artists in the area!!

(she does all of the hair and make up for my boudoir shoots 😉 )

It goes without sayinbg that I love color. I love love. I love FUN!!!

These two were exactly that. Colorful. In love. And FUN!

We got to walk around one of my favorite places in the city. Talk about all of the best places to eat in town.

The best drinks. The best places to go.

But most of all the best memories they have together and are building as we speak!

Ps. I still want to meet your pup Whiskey…. 😉

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