-Justin and Courtney- |Downtown Detroit Elopement Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|

These two are my spirit animals.

Not even kidding…

 I dont think a moment went by that day where someone wasn’t laughing or cracking a joke!

I have known Courtney for a LONGGGGG time…

Like, back when I got my first camera she was one of my first clients. Her and her daughter Drew.

(thanks for sticking with me!! haha!)

I have watched Courtney raise her incredible little girl. Travel all over the east coast watching the Tigers games.

Take care of her dad up until his last days. And then watched her fall in love with Justin. And have another beautiful little girl!

These two were literally made for each other.

So, when Courtney messaged me about a week before they decided to elope I couldnt have been more happy to be there.

They chose their wedding date as it was Courtney’s dads birthday.

(cue all the tears)

It may have rain…

Ok. down poured would be a more accurate description.

But, the skies cleared up just in time for their roof top ceremony, over looking the city of Detroit.

A a HUGE rainbow showed up in the sky right before they said their vows.

(both of their dads were there watching them that day)

I’m not going to lie, when Justin gave Drew a special promise bracelet, I think I was tearing up with the rest of the family there watching.

We all laughed. We all cried. We all felt the love that was there that day.

I am SO over the moon happy for the both of you!!!

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