-Ken and Sara- |Historical Redford Theatre Wedding Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|

Ken and Sara’s wedding day was so unique and personal that I dont think it will be one to forget anytime soon.

It was held inside of a historic theatre they both preform on regularly.

As well as coach kids in theatre.

Sara found the most beautiful vintage dress and veil by accident, after she already had one, but it fit like a glove and looked like it was made for her.

Both the dress and the veil were as old as the theatre itself- from the 30s.

These two laughed the away while being entertained with a variety show from their closest friends, family and students!

Theater families are the best because it was quite the production.

Also, so is the glam squad that got Sara prepped for her big day!!

Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!!



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