-Llyod and Katie- |Garden Theatre Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|

When I say I have the best clients- I MEAN IT.

Lloyd and Katie have, and I am proud to say it, become some really good friends.

We’ve spent a lot of time together over the last year and I glad to know it doesn’t end there!!

These two are some of the kindest and sweetest people you could ever meet.

And a TON of fun!!

Their wedding day was nothing short of laughs and jokes.

Dancing and not caring about the rain.

(Which is partly why I think it cleared just in time for pictures!!)

Their friends and family were a blast to be around and made everyone feel welcome and cared for.

Their bog day even included their pup Cooper. I mean, the cutest dog in a suit?! How does it get any cuter than that??!!?!

When I asked them what their vision for their wedding day was they said,

“Detroit. Fun. And Colorful.”

I got you, guys!!!

We got to spend the afternoon running around the city.

Having fun. Crashing breweries. And enjoying the Z-Lot TO OURSELVES!!!!

Katie’s brother in law’s band played for their reception entertainment. Which was really really cool!

They also had a sketch artist there!!! WHHHAAAA?! I vote all weddings do this. It was the coolest thing ever!

I even got to work closely with my favorite glam queen herself again, to make sure my bride was as stunning as possible (I love working with awesome teams!!)

One thing I will never forget about Katie and Lloyd is the story about how she knew it was true love….

And it was even in their vows:

Lloyd: I promise to never come home late at night without chicken nuggets or Taco Bell.

Katie: I promise to stop and think if I am really mad at you or if I just need to eat something.

That, folks, I the truest love out there…..

I think we can all take some notes from that one!!!

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