-Mike and Ian- |Royal Oak, MI Rust Belt Market Wedding Photographer|


This past summer I had the honor to assist on this BEAUTIFUL wedding between these two incredibly perfect humans.

I have been doing this whole wedding thing for quite a while now, so I like to think that I am pretty seasoned when it comes to reigning in my emotions on a wedding day….

BUTTTTTTT….. I will not lie and say I kept it together at this wedding. I cannot remember the last time I shed so many happy tears.

(I can’t honestly say I didnt even cry that much at my OWN wedding!!)

The love between these two. The love and SUPPORT from their families….. about brought me to my knees.

The officiant started the ceremony off with saying:

“Take a look around the room. Here is all the evidence you need to see that love has won!”

BOTH sides of parents, siblings, family and friends were there….

THEN….. one their brothers did a reading- right before they were pronounced happily married husbands… no one knew what it was going to be…

Talk about not a damn dry eye in the whole place!!!

I still get choked up thinking back to that moment.

Ladies and Gentleman…. No union is more profound…..


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