-The BEST of 2017- |Michigan Photographer|

I am not typically one to do these types of posts….

But, after looking back on my 2017 season…

HOLY EFFING SHIT, how could I NOT?!?!!!

2017 started out ROUGH for me personally.

My husband was in a serious motorcycle accident in January.

Turning my whole word upside down.

It was HARD.

I cannot express my gratefulness for my photography community that pulled together and helped us literally survive.

You all have NO idea just now much we needed that. And we can never say THANK YOU enough.

Taking care of a disabled husband while raising 3 kids and working full time outside of the home was enough to break anyone.

But, my village is strong and everyone pulled together and helped.

I met some of the most amazing clients EVER this year.

Constantly blowing me out of the water. Every damn session and wedding.

I really cannot ask for better people to be in my life.

I have grown so much.

Not just personally but in my business.

Looking back all I can do is grow and be in awe in how far I have come.

 I just wrapped up my 7th season as a wedding photographer.


Holy crap.

Thank you to everyone who has made the journey worth it.

Who has lent a helping hand or shoulder to cry on when it was needed.

 Thank you to everyone who has believe in me, when I barely believed in myself.

Thank you to you all who embrace who I am do not judge me for the way I look.

I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for my business and family.

I cannot wait to see who I meet along to the way!!

Here we come 2018- but first here is a look at SOME of  2017 and all of the amazingness it has been.

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