-Top 5 Photo Spots in Detroit- |Detroit, MI Engagement and Wedding Photographer|

Now that you’ve got the rock- you better get on the roll with planning your big day!!

Starting with engagement pictures.

I know photos can be pretty traumatic or anxiety inducing for like 99.9999% of the human population, Because well….

buttttttt if you take the time and find a photographer that is right for you (and is fun) not just because of budget. I can promise you your photo experience will 100000000000X more enjoyable.

And I solemnly swear to NOT tell you to fake laugh (insert biggest exaggerated eye roll ever for the photographers who do that).

Anyways, picking the “perfect spot” can be a bit exhausting…

So, here is a quick list of my favorite locations around Detroit for pictures!

1. Eastern MarketĀ 

If you are into art and color and vibrant back drops this is the #1 place for you!!!

There is such a wonderful variety of artistic talent there, you could seriously wander around for hours and never get bored.

2. The Z lot

With this location it is hit or miss though. So consider yourself warned.

It is a parking garage… meaning there will be cars there. Sometimes its packed and sometimes its a ghost town.

You will just have to take your chances if you are wanting a beautiful back drop of the city.

The panoramic 360* views the top provides are unbeatable.

One side you have all of the sport stadiums. Another the “old” detroit buildings. Then you have the iconic RenCen. And the last side you have an open view of the city.

You seriously cannot beat it.

ps- its also pretty expensive to park in there…. and DO NOT SIT OR STAND ON THE WALLS. You will ruin it for everyone.

3. The Detroit Public Library

This is more for a “formal” and “elegant” look. The marble stairs and iron light poles take you back to Detroit’s early days.

Its one of the most beautiful libraries in the area, in my option.

But, again, keep in mind that this a pubic place and there will be people around!

4. The DIA “Stairs”

Yes, you read that right. Those white marble stairs around the back are really iconic and super beautiful!

You DO need to get a permit to shoot there along with prior permission from the facility.

But if you are bent on having your photos there, I would recommend going that route.

They are stunning and elegant and showcase some of Detroit’s most beautiful places around the city.

5. Belle Isle

Again, this is one of Detroit’s most iconic landmarks and has the breath taking factor to it to go right along with its beauty.

You do need a permit to shoot here now. But, if you are able to track them down and obtain one I promise you its worth it!

The fountain is the most stunning place to shoot at on the island but it also offers a pretty awesome view of the cit skyline.

There you go, my 5 favorite places to shoot around the city!

Of course, there a million others… but, these take the cake.

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