-Weddings are about more than just the couple getting married- |Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|

Yes, you read that title correctly….

Weddings, family, and friends go hand in hand…

Anyone on planet earth knows this.

They are a time of celebration, joy, sometimes sadness from missing a loved one, the joining of families and friends.

While your wedding day is centered and focused around the two of you getting married (as it should be) there are also other people there that share the big day as well.

The people who raised you. The people who have been by your side since as far back as you can remember. The people you so carefully thought about and decided to include in your big day.

Your kids. Your family. Your special friends. They shouldn’t go unrecognized.


They need to be documented as well. Not just in formal pictures after the big ceremony. But throughout the day. The sneaking little moments of the tear that rolls down grandmas cheek as you walk down the aisle. The facial expressions of your guests as your best man tells the story he promised he wouldn’t during his speech. The that little hand squeeze from your dad right before the walk down the to the love of your life. Or the special moments of your mom or best friend zipping up your wedding dress. These are the moments that are sometimes a blur when you think back to your wedding day.

But these are the memories that I am on the look out for.

Some of my favorite ones are the moments no one else sees or someone thinks no one is looking. I live for those special secret tears. I live for those little moments of reflection. Those looks of love and adoration from the special people in your lives.

Wedding days are all about you and your future spouse. But they are also about the special people in your life.

Are those photos the most technically “perfect”? Are they the ones that make it into the highlight reel you see on websites and blogs? more than likely not. But that doesn’t make them any less important.

I have made it my job to make sure you have those moments frozen in time forever.

Those moments, emotions and people matter too.


Here are just a few examples.. so when finding a wedding photographer make sure they care about more than just the highlight reel.

Because your friends and family matter, too!


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