-Well that was fun…. what now?!- |Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer|

After spending years, months, weeks, days and countless hours planning your wedding…..

What do you do after?

I decided to write this blog post in a way to prep future brides and grooms on the after math of a wedding.

To give some ideas about what to do with items instead of just throwing them away.

First lets talk flowers.

You are probably spending a pretty penny on these gorgeous accessories.

Here’s a few cool ideas about what to do with them rather than just tossing them.


(not my pictures but used with permission)

How freaking cool is this idea?! I wish I would have done something like this!

Here is another awesome idea!!

And one more.

There are plenty of DIY tutorials on Pinterest on how to do these or other similar ideas!


 you can have delivered to a local nursing home or hospital!

BONUS: You will be able to write off part of, if not all, of the flowers on your taxes IF you donate them 😉

Some homes will even send someone out to come pick them up for you, so you don’t have to make the trip. Though, it would be super sweet if you did!

But really, instead of just tossing them, why not brighten someone’s day?


Now, I know some people are really sentimental about their dresses. And that’s ok!! But, if you’re not, you can always donate it.

There are a BUNCH of dress charities that would LOVE to have the donation.

(Again, donation means tax write off 😉 )

Here is my favorite one here in Metro-Detroit http://www.thebridesproject.org

Also, there is something a bit more somber you can do with it.

There are charities who will take used wedding gowns and turn them into beautiful funeral gowns for infants that were born sleeping.


Wish upon a wedding is another wonderful organization you can donate your dress to.



This goes without saying, really. But if you are lucky enough to have leftovers and family is not taking them- there are local shelters and crisis

centers that would be more than willing to take any extra food off of your hands!

Some will also come pick it up from you!

Of course these are only suggestions and a few ideas.

But it is something nice to think about and consider giving back.

(Good karma, we could all use that!)

If you have any other ideas or advice, please feel free to share!

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