-Yiming and Jiexun- |Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer|

Waking up before the sun rise to venture into Ann Arbor on a game day……

and that game being U of M vs MSU…. is quite scary…..

However, we were graced with a quiet campus (game was at MSU, thankfully!).

AND… we had the whole law quad to ourselves!!!!!!

(if you are a photographer and its October, you KNOW WHAT I MEAN)

These two were so much fun to work with.

Hearing their story about how they grew up in small villagesĀ in China, came to America to finish their engineering degrees, fell in love, got married…

and are getting ready to head back to China in December to celebrate with their families.

We had 4 hours to run around Ann Arbor, explore, get to know one another, laughing about our language barrier, trying not to freeze, and take some beautiful wedding photos.

They told me they were nervous and not good at taking pictures…

I beg to differ…



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